Best shows to see: The Dillinger Escape Plan, Old Time Musketry, Yo Majesty, and the Acacia Strain | Bleader

Best shows to see: The Dillinger Escape Plan, Old Time Musketry, Yo Majesty, and the Acacia Strain


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Dillinger Escape Plan
  • Courtesy of Windish Agency
  • Dillinger Escape Plan
Guys, festival season is almost over. Last weekend we wrapped the biggest one of the summer, Lollapalooza. But let's be real here: live music in town isn't really slowing down at all. Even for the very beginning of the work week, we have a handful of excellent shows to go out and catch. It's still summer, after all. Do it!

Mon 8/12: Dillinger Escape Plan at House of Blues

The mathcore maniacs are back. "The Jersey band’s onstage volatility is a sight to behold, and it’s made more than a few promoters hot under the collar—I’ve personally seen indoor fire breathing on a side stage, band members scaling at least two stories of scaffolding or crawling atop hanging light fixtures, and a swung microphone detaching from its cord and nailing a kid in the noggin, cracking it wide open," writes Kevin Warwick. "The band has mainstreamed its output over the past few years—at least half the tracks on 2010's Option Paralysis and the new One of Us Is the Killer (Party Smasher) are gothy, Nine Inch Nails-style hard rock with more than a touch of Mike Patton. This unfortunately means that DEP do less of what they do best: play baffling rhythms at incomprehensible speeds and very nearly decapitate one another and their fans by way of vicious guitar flailing." This show is part of the Summer Slaughter tour, which features a ton of other bands and starts at 1:45 PM.

Tue 8/13: Old Time Musketry at the Whistler

The Americana-jazz quartet Old Time Musketry plays a free show at the Whistler on Tuesday. "On last year's Different Times (Steeplechase), [pianist JP] Schlegelmilch augments his piano with contributions on accordion and Wurlitzer, resulting in a wide range of textures and moods, and the arrangements consistently create a homey tunefulness with almost rocklike concision," writes Peter Margasak. "The keyboardist's delicate 'Cadets,' featuring his own synth plinks and Adam Schneit's sinuous clarinet, recalls the Bad Plus at their most serene; 'Parade,' written by Schneit, ties together New Orleans second-line rhythms and funky soul-jazz; and a stormy version of the Henry Cowell piano piece 'Anger Dance' gives it an unexpected klezmer vibe."

Tue 8/13: Yo Majesty at Empty Bottle

Queer Tampa club-rap duo Yo Majesty bring their eclectic hip-hop prowess to the Empty Bottle on Tuesday, offering up a little something for everyone. Writes Leor Galil, "Shunda K and Jwl B rap and sing with uncommon agility about sex, race, gender, and partying, backed by a fascinatingly varied collection of beats—interstellar funk, sensual neosoul, grimy Baltimore club, loose reggaeton, and aggressive old-school rap made with chunky guitar riffs."

Wed 8/14: The Acacia Strain at Reggie's Rock Club

Massachusetts metalcore outfit the Acacia Strain are touring on their sixth LP, Death Is the Only Mortal. According to Monica Kendrick, the record is "crunchy and varied, it shows willingness both to commit to a groove and to abandon it in the most whiplashing way possible at just the right moment. The shrill shredding of the guitars gives a dizzying complexity to 'Dust and the Helix' and 'The Chambered Nautilus'—and helps 'Brain Death' live up to its name."

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