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Stream Earl Sweatshirt's Doris now. Do it.



Earl Sweatshirt's second album, Doris, which drops next Tuesday, is one of the most highly anticipated rap records of the year, and so far it's been treated with the kind of high antileak security measures that those kind of things come with now. But true to his Odd Future crew's Internet-addicted, casually IDGAF attitude, they just posted the entire thing on their Tumblr. If you like rap music you should listen to it right now.

Earl was the best album of OF's first wave, and Doris is so far the best of its postbreakout releases, and not likely to be knocked out of that spot anytime soon. Earl emerged from his stint at a Samoan school for at-risk youth a far more patient person than his OF brethren, and Doris is typified by an almost preternatural chillness, with vocals that never rise over conversational level and BPMs kept to a blunted Californian roll, which make his consistently brilliant writing and performance mind-blowingly offhand, as if making one of the year's best rap records was really no big thing.

He's also given up the graphic depictions of violence against women that made his first album a lightning rod for criticism against OF on the grounds of their misogyny and/or homophobia, so if you've been staying away from the group for those quite understandable reasons, you might want to give him another shot.

Stream Doris here.