Reader's Agenda Wed 9/4: Movies in the Park, Flume, and Berghoff Oktoberfest



  • Katie Kaars
  • Flume
Looking for something to do today? Agenda's got you covered:

Just when you thought you'd seen every laughably bad (read: great) movie from the late 80s and early 90s, you realize that in 1990—in the wake of Dirty Dancing, no doubt—a movie called Lambada came out about a sexy forbidden dance and a sexy teacher dancing it with his sexy female student. The only way watching it could get better: experiencing it with a bunch of horrified strangers at the South Shore Cultural Center for Movies in the Park before the series (and summer) comes to a close.

"As Flume, 21-year-old Australian producer Harley Streten grafts the supercharged sounds of modern EDM (flashy synths that sound like death rays powering up, concrete-splitting bass drops, minced and pitch-shifted vocal samples) onto smooth, luxurious R&B jams," Leor Galil writes in Soundboard. Flume plays with Tokimonsta and Touch Sensitive tonight at Metro.

The Berghoff's Oktoberfest at Federal Plaza features German food, German beer, and performances by the Johnny Wagner Band, Wedding Banned, the Party Faithful, and Spoken Four.

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