Did you read about climate change, mass murderers, and The Simpsons? | Bleader

Did you read about climate change, mass murderers, and The Simpsons?



More of an influence on the iPhone keyboard than youd think
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Hey, did you read:

• Thirteen reasons the apocalypse is once again imminent, beginning with a plague of locusts in Madagascar? Kate Schmidt

• That with new regulations for coal plants, President Obama is "crossing the Rubicon" in the fight to limit climate change? Mick Dumke

• About why so few mass murderers are female? (Of the 62 mass shootings carried out in the U.S. since 1982, ONE was perpetrated by a woman.) Gwynedd Stuart

• That the Pennsylvania police chief known for his gun-firing YouTube videos has been canned? Mick Dumke

• The latest sally in the epic literary battle between Jennifer Weiner and Jonathan Franzen, now entering its fourth year? Aimee Levitt

• About how The Simpsons influenced the design of iPhone keyboard? Brianna Wellen

• About the five oldest structures in New York City's five boroughs? Gwynedd Stuart

• About the Texas high school that eliminated its football team? (Amazingly, the principal was not tarred and feathered and run out of town on a rail.) Aimee Levitt

• The heartbreaking story of Korleone Young, a prep-to-pro basketball player who only played 15 minutes in the NBA? Tal Rosenberg

• That redshirting your kid might not be so smart? Steve Bogira