Did you read about Mike du Toit, wine, and kissing? | Bleader

Did you read about Mike du Toit, wine, and kissing?


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Hey, did you read:

• That frequency of kissing may be more important to relationships than frequency of intercourse? Steve Bogira

• That magazines face an "impending postal rate hike crisis"? J.R. Jones

• That a growing number of states have made voting more difficult for immigrants, young people, and now women? Mick Dumke

• A camper's guide to what you'll miss most after the apocalypse? Tony Adler

• About Mike du Toit, the South African white supremacist who after a nine-year trial has been sentenced to 35 years for plotting to assassinate Nelson Mandela and expel black people from the country, among other crimes? Kate Schmidt

• About white supremacy in the age of the millennial? ("Some of the people in there I think are a bit weird, some of them I think are a bit crazy, some maybe even evil, but they are interesting," Matthews said. " [Most] are a bunch of nerds who probably are not going to go anywhere.") Drew Hunt

Washington Post pop critic Chris Richards rip the new Arcade Fire album? Leor Galil

• About the threat of a global wine shortage? (Better stock up now.) —Brianna Wellen

• About your brain's snake corner? Gwynedd Stuart

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