12 O'Clock Track: Netherfriends blend indie-pop and psych just right in "Joey Vision"



The new year is a couple weeks away, but I'm anxious to start 2014 so I can soak in a handful of forthcoming albums including one from Shawn Rosenblatt's Netherfriends project, P3ACE. The constantly touring Chicago indie-popper is set to drop the album in March, and last week he debuted a new single, "Joey Vision." It's an irresistibly hooky, propulsive track made with a tight psych-guitar riff, and it's today's 12 O'Clock Track. The track also appears on a new P3ACE primer EP called, um, 3P, which also includes the equally great "Uptown Boys" and "Birthday." If you're in the mood for some seriously addictive pop tracks and you're also in need of a new shirt I recommend nabbing 3P from Bandcamp; it's $10 and comes with a "Joey Vision" T-shirt, which superimposes Peter Saville's cover art for Joy Division's Unknown Pleasures atop a hand with three fingers splayed upwards to look like it's giving a peace sign with an extra digit. Take a listen to "Joey Vision" below.

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