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137 tasty things from 2013


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Reno bagels
I already told you about our favorite overall new restaurants of the year. But as in every year, I carry the weight of dozens and dozens of memorably delicious things I ate everywhere I went.

Here they are in no particular order:

(1) everything bagel, (2) Reno pizza, (3) butternut pizza, (4) tagliatelle, Reno
(5) caldo de res, Tio Luis
(6) hamachi kama, Mitsuwa
(7) kimchi lasagna, Mott St.
(8) scallop in hibiscus tea, (9) carrots, (10) coconut noodles, Grace

Many more after the jump:

French kimchi soup, Oiistar

(11) French kimchi soup, Oiistar
(12) brandade, Gather
(13) Toronto, Ward Eight
(14) pink oyster mushrooms, (15) lion's mane mushrooms, the Plant
(16) soy garlic wing, Dak Korean Chicken Wings
(17) haleem, (18) nihari, (19) qeema, Pepper & Salt
(20) wanderteller, (21) maultaschen, (22) hot cocoa and green chartreuse, Table, Donkey and Stick
pink oyster mushrooms, The Plant

(23) breakfast spaghetti and clams, (24) nachos, (25) kimchi and bacon and eggs and pancakes, (26) fork pork chop, (27) smoked pork and toffee crunch milk shake, the Little Goat
(28) pickle plate, Division Street Russian Baths
(29) tofu, (30) jidori karaage, (31) yakitori don, (32) chicken tail, (33) shrimp, (34) king crab, Sumi Robata Bar
(35) duck tom yam with cracklings
(36) caldillo de carne seca, La Placita de Durango
(37) Scotch Malt Whisky Society collection, Drumbar
(38) kuchela
(39) braised short ribs, Milt's Barbecue for the Perplexed
chilled tofu, Sumi Robata Bar

(40) Old Salt No. 2, the Whistler
(41) Cocktail, Billy Sunday
(42) Hot Butter Rum, Barrelhouse Flat
(43) soto ayam, (44) perkedel, (45) pempek telor, Rickshaw Republic
(46) veal osso buco, Siena Tavern
(47) Ti Punch, Three Dots and a Dash
(48) mar y tierra hash, Danny's Egghead Diner
(49) tonkotsu ramen, Karaoke House Nina
mar y tierra, Dannys Egghead Diner

(50) hot dog and french fry combo, Dave's Red Hots
(51) Dealer's Choice, the Berkshire Room
(52) lagman, Lazzat
(53) salsa trio and masa cracker, (54) Yucatan-style chile soup, (55) bass ceviche, (56) redfish taco, (57) lamb chorizo taco, Takito Kitchen
(58) Leo's Lunchroom red flannel hash redux, Piranha Club
(59) grilled cheese, Sauce and Bread Kitchen
(60) buttermilk lemon cake
naem khao tod, Rainbow Cuisine

(61) naem khao tod, (62) crispy pad see ew, (63) kai tod, (64) sai krog Isan, Rainbow Cuisine
(65) sweetbreads and rabbit chop, (66) foie gras, (67) cherry-almond clafoutis, (68) Paris-Brest, Brindille
(69) smoked, baked, stuffed potato, Rub's Backcountry Smokehouse
(70) scallop motoyaki, Kabocha
(71) quesadilla de las camarones a la Mexicana, La Palapa
(72) chicken-fat-braised breakfast radishes
(73) Willet "Eagle" bourbon, Longman & Eagle
(74) michelada, (75) fried chicken, (76) fried pollock, Parson's Chicken & Fish
(77) Inasal chicken, Bacolod Chicken Haus
(78) Ben Roche's tomato and pistachio gelato, J.P. Graziano
(79) rice, Juno
(80) Zigong Salt Miner's Beef Noodle, Yan Bang Cai
kome ramen, Ramen Misoya

(81) kome ramen, Ramen Misoya
(82) natto, (83) grilled salmon belly with spicy cod roe, (84) chilled tofu, Sozai Bonzai
(85) pajeon, Izakaya Yume
(86) blackened grilled prawn, (87) octopus and chorizo, Oon
(88) fried chicken, Smalls Smoke Shack
West Loop Salumis ciaoscolo

(89) ciaoscolo, West Loop Salumi
(90) chin baung kyaw
(91) rib tips, Ben's Bar-Be-Que
(92) Yoland Cannon's Mississippi Delta Hot Tamales
(93) Slow City Makgeolli
(94) brisket, Blackwood BBQ
(95) risotto alla Milanese, Sofi
(96) white gazpacho, Travelle
pollo a la brasa, Tanta
  • Amanda Areias
  • Pollo a la brasa, Tanta

(97) power cebiche, (98) carapulcra, (99) chaufa aeropuerto, (100) causitas, (101) anticuchos, (102) pollo alla brasa, Tanta
(103) The Big Grabowski, (104) For Your Thighs Only, Johnny Casserole
(105) queso xincho, (106) mole almendrado, (107) mole negro, Cremeria La Ordeña
(108) PB&J dump cake, Honey Butter Fried Chicken
(109) samgyeopsal, (110) yukhoe, (111) kimchijeon, Gogi
(112) boneless duck wings, (113) General Tso's sweetbreads, (114) choucroute, (115) wood-roasted sow hake, Dusek's
Imanis Original Bean Pie
  • Amanda Areias
  • Imani's Original Bean Pie

(116) Imani's Original Bean Pie
(117) hanger steak, the Chop Shop
(118) Chengdu dumplings, (119) spicy chicken Chongqing style, (120) spicy beef tendon, (121) air-dried beef, Sze Chuan Cuisine,
(122) shaved noodles, Sing's Noodle House
tortilla, Taqueria y Birrieria Morelia
  • Mike Sula
  • Tortilla, Taqueria y Birrieria Morelia

(123) taco montalayo, (124) tortillas, Taqueria y Birrieria Morelia
(125) carrot caponata, (126) orecchiette, Azzurra EnoTavola
(127) guisado de Puerco, (128) tortillas, Michoacanito
(129) blood mortadella, Publican Quality Meats
(130) Sleepless in Logan Square (bourbon coffee with Fernet marshmallows, (131) charcuterie board, (132) cioppino, the Dawson
(133) stewed duck with Chinese yam, (134) tiger skin pepper, Chengdu Expression
(134) Bow Truss Coffee Roasters Canopy Blend
(135) Nduja Artisans nduja
(136) La Quercia nduja
(137) porchetta sandwich, Eataly

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