Reader's Agenda Sat 1/11: "Chicago Street Art Stories," Full Moon Vaudeville, and Chester Turner's Quadead Zone



Crooked Mouth
  • Crooked Mouth
Looking for something to do today? Agenda's got you covered.

Wondering about the tales behind the grafitti found on the streets and the el? Today's panel "Chicago Street Art Stories" features Rahmaan Statik, Chris Silva of You Are Beautiful, and more. The discussion's in conjunction with the Chicago Cultural Center exhibit "Paste Paint Sticker"; read more in Deanna Isaacs's culture column.

The Crooked Mouth hosts Full Moon Vaudeville, a performance that will unite the "strange little things, all the strange people, all the strange and beautiful moments that don't fit elsewhere." The event, which serves as the kickoff for the Rhinoceros Theater Festival, features Sid Yiddish and His Candy Store Henchmen and blues singer Sharon Waltham, among others.

Chicago filmmaker Chester Turner (not to be confused with the serial killer) has become something of a legend for two shot-on-video trash-horror movies he made in the 80s. At Lincoln Hall tonight, he'll take part in a Q&A after a screening of his Quadead Zone, an anthology film with murderous rednecks, a ghost clown, and more.

For more on these events and others, check out the Reader's daily Agenda page.

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