12 O'Clock Track: Get smoky with Harsh Toke's "E Minor Jam"



Harsh Toke
  • Harsh Toke
At last week's Earthless show a friend of mine suggested I check out another San Diego-based instrumental rock band, Harsh Toke, which I'm pretty sure is the best band name I've ever heard. Turns out Harsh Toke was an excellent recommendation, trading in Earthless's proggy influence for more of a stoney, Sabbath vibe. The two songs available on their Bandcamp page are 20-minute-long psych jams, stacked with shredding guitars, groovy drums, and wailing organ—you can practically smell the grass burning through your speakers. If you have most of your lunch break to spare, check out today's 12 O'Clock Track, Harsh Toke's "E Minor Jam," but be warned: you might be heading back to work with a contact high.

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