Did you read about Paul Verhoeven, Sid Caesar, and Shirley Temple?



RIP Sid Caesar
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  • RIP Sid Caesar
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Hey, did you read:

• How all media is gradually becoming social media? Drew Hunt

• Perhaps the first critical analysis of a Twitter account? Aimee Levitt

• That the bizarre snakelike image that appeared on an Australian meteorology map is totally not a cloud (so it must be a sea monster, right?) Kevin Warwick

• This story told over several weeks in the snow? Brianna Wellen

• At Grantland, Alex Pappademas on the career arc of Dutch director Paul Verhoeven? Tal Rosenberg

• That they're coming to bury Caesar—though they'll probably praise him too, inasmuch as this time it's Sid and not Julius? Tony Adler

Mary Mitchell on Shirley Temple? ("Despite the bitter segregation, the little white girl with the curly hair managed to tap-dance her way into our hearts.") Steve Bogira

• About the man who's renting his phone to Flappy Bird addicts for $1 a minute? Keshia Bardney

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