12 O'Clock Track: Procol Harum's "Too Much Between Us," in honor of the Lighthouse Tavern



Over the past week I and the rest of the staff at the Reader have been working on our bar issue, which will appear online in the near future. Over the course of reviewing our Neighborhood Bar Guide, I came across a place that I recalled reading about in former Reader staffer Edward McClelland's Morning News story "Right Here Waiting," the Lighthouse Tavern. I decided to go check it out last Friday, and it is indeed as special a bar as McClelland describes in his article. Though there's some semblance of a nautical theme, the bar is so vague and random that ascribing any theme to it is near impossible. It kind of reminded me of an album with a not-so-nautical theme, 60s protoprog band Procol Harum's A Salty Dog. And since the bar was playing Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young's Deja Vu while I was there, the music fits the vibe I experienced. To get a feeling for what the mood of the Lighthouse is, check out Procol Harum's excellent "Too Much Between Us" below (and the rest of A Salty Dog elsewhere). And be sure to check out the Lighthouse the next time you're up in Rogers Parkā€”it's one of my new favorite watering holes.

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