Night of Broken Pages celebrates the release of a new visual art book for local musicians



This weekend local musicians Ted Sweeney and Omar Gonzalez will be celebrating the release of their book, Negative Papers, with Night of Broken Pages, a launch party in Pilsen. Sweeney, a power electronics noise musician, and Gonzalez, drummer for hateful noisecore band Rectal Hygienics and proprietor of DIY space Club Rectum, are no strangers to extreme and confrontational aesthetics, and now the two have collaborated on a collection of 38 dark and violent collages for the book. With a press release that promises the two artists will "force their audience into mereological ennui via bruised cocks and tear-stained cheeks," the whole thing sounds like it'll be a gross-out fest, but in reality Gonzalez has created a signature visual vibe for everything he's done—his collage and design work appears on the covers for not only his own band's records but on material he releases on his Depravity Label—and the results are less shocking and more about setting eerie, dark moods.

After some last-minute changes in the venue, Night of Broken Pages will be held at the Hermann & Aubrey Chicago Gallery in Lacuna Artist Loft Studios at 2150 S. Canalport. The launch party goes from 7-11 PM on Sat 4/5 and will be DJed by Jeffrey Jinx.

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