12 O'Clock Track: Alan Braxe and Fred Falke's 'Love Lost,' glowing early-2000s French house



Fred Falke
  • Fred Falke
French DJ and producer Fred Falke plays at Primary Nightclub on east Division Street on Friday night. I'll be out of town, but it might be worth the trek into ground zero of drunken-lout territory to catch him play. As Miles Raymer points out in his Soundboard write-up, Falke has spent the past few years doing more remix work for commercial artists like Kesha and Katy Perry. But there was a time when Falke and frequent collaborator Alan Braxe were pumping out the kind of effects-heavy disco-house that one could hear in some of Basement Jaxx's late-90s work or on some of the deeper cuts on Daft Punk's Discovery ("Voyager" feels like one giant homage to Braxe and Falke's aesthetic). I'm not sure what kind of music Falke is spinning these days, but there's a chance you will hear a set of the lush, stirring house music that he used to churn out. For a taste, check out Braxe and Falke's "Love Lost," a 2003 single and standout on 2005's The Upper Cuts (Vulture), which collected most of the duo's original material up to that point in time. Heavily filtered, the song features a midtempo house beat and repeating keyboard line that provides an ideal introduction to some of Falke's best music.

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