Reader's Agenda Tue 7/15: 'Sharp, Clear Pictures,' Afro-Latin@ Diaspora, and OOIOO | Bleader

Reader's Agenda Tue 7/15: 'Sharp, Clear Pictures,' Afro-Latin@ Diaspora, and OOIOO



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During his time with Vogue and Vanity Fair, Edward Steichen was the highest paid photographer in the world. His war documentary, The Fighting Lady, garnered him the 1945 Academy Award for best documentary. Now the Art Institute of Chicago has "Sharp, Clear Pictures," a retrospective of the European photographer, painter, and museum curator's work on display through September.

Columbia College Chicago celebrates its new Afro-Latino dance program with a week of performances as part of the Afro-Latin@ Diaspora Summer Dance Intensive. Tonight things kick off with local company AfriCaribe. According to Jena Cutie, the company "draws on Caribbean and Puerto Rican social dances: a line of women in pastel head wraps and skirts sing while drummers improvise a relentless beat."

Tonight's OOIOO show at Lincoln Hall is the Japanese rockers' first stop in Chicago in seven years. In Soundboard Peter Margasak writes, "The resonant glow of the gamelan seethes and slithers, and despite the breathless rigor of the layered beats and colors, the music feels spontaneous and improvised—elements drop out, mutate, or suddenly change direction. Through it all, the stately metallophones remain a constant, like a compass that guides the songs through their most counterintuitive shifts and eruptions."

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