12 O'Clock Track: The sweat and grime of OBN IIIs 'Uncle Powderbag'



First and foremost, the OBN IIIs are a spectacle to be experienced live. The Tic Tac Totally band led by front man Orville Bateman Neeley III—a rock 'n' roll name if ever there was one—put on a veritable arena show in a dive bar. Bateman provides much of the fireworks, working the crowd like a Dr. Feelgood Vince Neil and sweating out the spirit and glory of rock along the way. Early last month the Austin band dropped a new one, Third Time to Harm, and it provides much of the same as their previous efforts: dirty guitar licks upon dirty guitar licks, charged and hefty vocals, and a crudeness that's as proud as it is loud. Today's 12 O'Clock Track, "Uncle Powderbag," is a swinging ditty about exactly what it sounds like—because, well, the dudes just want to party.

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