Did you read about Elaine Stritch, the Institute of Sexology, and the Simpsons live show?



The Simpsons, live and in action
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Hey, did you read:

• That tough-cookie Broadway diva Elaine Stritch is dead at 89? Tony Adler

• About the Institute of Sexology? Drew Hunt

• That Tribune reporters are the heroes on Chicago's streets? ("I travel to crime scenes; it's what I do.") Deanna Isaacs

• About the live Simpsons show? Brianna Wellen

• John Le Carré on Philip Seymour Hoffman? Tal Rosenberg

• That Todd "Legitimate Rape" Akin won't shut the hell up? Drew Hunt

• That the activist organization funded by the right-wing Koch brothers plans to spend more than $125 million on midterm congressional elections? Mick Dumke

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