12 O'Clock Track: The Pentaject Corporation's creepy 'Blackmail Stretch'


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The Pentaject Corporation
  • Courtesy of the band's Facebook page
  • The Pentaject Corporation
Combing through the latest e-mail blast from Permanent Records I came across a listing for Blackmail Stretch, an EP from a defunct local postpunk outfit called the Pentaject Corporation. The group made 200 copies of the seven-inch back in 1982, but Permanent's got some in stock—it's another example of how the Permanent team is great at finding out-of-print records. You'll have to fork up some cash for the originals—they're listed at $99 apiece.

Fortunately the guys in the Pentaject Corporation remastered the EP and uploaded it to Bandcamp a few months ago, so you can get it for really cheap or stream it for free. Today's 12 O'Clock Track is the titular "Blackmail Stretch," which has enough high-pitched organ to fill my weekly "creepy music" quota. Stream it below:


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