'Kids of the Black Hole' is a timeless punk classic | Bleader

'Kids of the Black Hole' is a timeless punk classic



  • Adolescents
Tonight at Red Line Tap, there's a show going on that's headlined by the Rikk Agnew Band—a crew of aging punks backing up the former Adolescents and Christian Death guitar player. I've watched videos of the Rikk Agnew Band and it's kind of a bummer, essentially live-band karaoke featuring an awkward and once-prominent punk star. Instead of going to see a show like this, I find it's a better bet to revisit the classics, and today's 12 O'Clock Track is just that: the Agnew-penned "Kids of the Black Hole" off of the Adolescents' 1981 self-titled debut, one of the finest west-coast punk songs of all time. A relentless five-and-a-half-minute blast of energy and frustration, this song sums up what this era was all about and creates a hyperactive buzz that remains the blueprint for punk rock to this day. Revisit the timeless jam below.