Dashboard Confessional serves up an emotional blast from the past | Bleader

Dashboard Confessional serves up an emotional blast from the past


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Riot Fest is stirring up nostalgia in a lot of people this year—and I'm no exception. When I saw Dashboard Confessional on the lineup it was like getting smacked right across the face with my high school binder covered in hand-scribbled lyrics to "Screaming Infidelities." Revisiting The Places You Have Come to Fear the Most, the album that was responsible for all my deep teenage emotions (with a capital E-M-O), it's pretty silly to imagine my 14-year-old self feeling so connected to songs that were about painful breakups and extreme loneliness when the most traumatic thing that had ever happened to me was missing the school bus. It's sillier still to imagine myself getting so excited to see them live for the first time, 13 years after the album was released. But here I am, brushing up on the tunes so I can scream along to each song come Saturday, finally getting a proper release for that built-up adolescent angst. Today's 12 O' Clock Track, "Saints and Sailors," is a perfect introduction to front man Chris Carrabba's gentle guitar and trademark singing, a combination of hushed tones and tortured wails. Throughout the song the rest of the band maintains a catchy, upbeat rhythm despite Carrabba's less-than-upbeat subject matter. What teenage girl—or, you know, adult woman—wouldn't be seduced by such a sound?

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