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'Another Train,' another expression of measured optimism from Mary Gauthier



The music of Nashville singer-songwriter Mary Gauthier is a source of hard truths, lessons learned through a difficult life of addiction and heartbreak. The tunes on Trouble and Love, her first studio album in four years, are hardly celebratory and upbeat, but through recurring pain, loss, and loneliness there emerges a sense of hope. Today's 12 O'Clock Track, which you can hear after the jump, is the album closer, "Another Train," and on its surface the song is flecked by hurt: "You wrapped my arms around me / You built me up, and tore me down," she sings, describing the end of a relationship that gave her a real sense of purpose and identity. But digging through the wreckage is the chorus:

I'm holding on
Through the pain
Through the pain
Waiting on another train
Another train

Another train is the next chapter in life, and for Gauthier, being able to realize that another train is coming is a major accomplishment. She's nursing wounds on Trouble and Love, but she consistently maintains a guarded hopefulness, and it injects elegance into her hardscrabble, tightly clenched country-rock. She rolls into town in support of the album this week, with a performance on Wednesday at City Winery.