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A reunited Liturgy comes to Land & Sea Department


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Brooklyn's Liturgy was the most controversial band around when their second LP Aesthethica came out in 2011. The band's epic and dramatic combination of screamo and black metal—propelled by the mind-bending blast beats of drummer Greg Fox—immediately polarized metal fans. A huge amount of disdain was directed at Liturgy for appropriating black metal—this was music made by Norwegian satanists, not New York City trust funders—and front man Hunter Hunt-Hendrix even went as far as to pen a manifesto outlining his personal philosophies on the genre. But whether you loved the band or hated them, it was hard to deny that these guys could totally shred. Inner turmoil ultimately tore the band in half by 2012, and when they played at that year's Pitchfork Music Festival, it was only Hunt-Hendrix, guitarist Bernard Gann, and a drum machine on stage. The transition from meditative and disorienting metal outfit to stiff, electronic-driven duo was awkward to say the least, and by last year Hunt-Hendrix was focusing more on his new band Survival. A couple of videos had surfaced of Hunt-Hendrix performing solo as Liturgy, and I was starting to figure the project was fizzling out.

That is until over the summer, when Thrill Jockey reissued the band's debut record Renihilation and announced that the four original members of the band would be reuniting and touring again. The tour makes a stop at Land & Sea Department on Tue 9/30, which is exciting because the full-band Liturgy lineup was always an amazing thing to see—a dizzying, overwhelming force. The four members—Hunt-Hendrix, Fox, Gann, and bassist Tyler Dusenbury—will also be releasing a new record next year.