Swedish trio Tape serves up their most melodic, meditative album yet



  • Mats Bergkvist
  • Tape
The Swedish trio called Tape has been creating stylistically elusive, lyrically beautiful, and texturally rich instrumental music for 15 years now, embracing its boundary-dissolving proclivities all the while. The group recently released their sixth album (not including collaborative efforts with folks like Tenniscoats and Minamo) Casino (Häpna), and the trio has never sounded more melodically generous while conveying a gorgeous, mesmerizing, and enveloping vibe. As you can hear on today's 12 O'Clock Track, "Seagulls," the latest batch of tunes are grounded in undulating guitar arpeggios and long, winding lines played by Johan Berthling (a musician known best as a free jazz bassist, lately for his work in the trio Fire! with Mats Gustafsson and drummer Andreas Werliin) and warm keyboard patterns and washes courtesy of Tomas Hallonsten. Johan's brother Andreas adds subtle electronic textures, enhancing each track with an atmospheric veneer—sometimes glassy, sometimes frictive.

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