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We want to introduce your single friends to, well, everyone


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But we promise we wont let anyone touch your friends face with their filthy, clammy hands.
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  • But we promise we won't let anyone touch your friend's face with their filthy, clammy hands.
There's one in every group of friends. The guy or girl about whom everyone asks, "Why are they single?" And you're like, "I KNOW, RIGHT?" Hell, you'd date him, but that would probably annoy your boyfriend a bunch. And you'd try to set him up with your cousin, coworker, or that cute girl who makes your coffee in the morning, but you don't want to be responsible for it being a fucking disaster.

We want to help.

In this year's Valentine's Day issue, we want your most eligible friends to be ogled and lusted after by our readership—we just need you to tell us who they are. We'll take some nice pictures, have them fill out a short, funny questionnaire that puts dating sites to shame, and then let our single readers take it from there. All ages, genders (or lack thereof), orientations, races, religions (or lack thereof) welcome.

What's in it for you? Besides the pleasure of knowing you did your part to get your friend hooked up with another cool Chicagoan, one nominator (chosen at random) will win what we can promise will be a very cool prize (TBD).

So rack your brain, come up with a hot/smart/talented/kind/funny—and, most importantly, single—friend or two, and send their info (links to their social media profiles and their e-mail address, would be ideal) to valentines@chicagoreader.com.

Nominations close on Wednesday, January 14, at 2 PM. So hurry!

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