N.i.c.o.l.e. and Gel Set have united on a quest to make shadowy dance jams | Bleader

N.i.c.o.l.e. and Gel Set have united on a quest to make shadowy dance jams


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God Vol. 1
  • Courtesy of Nicole Ginelli
  • God Vol. 1
Yesterday local synth musicians Nicole Ginelli (aka N.i.c.o.l.e.) and Laura Callier (aka Gel Set) released their first song as God Vol. 1, "Second House." The shadowy electronic track ripples with a strong house vibe, which blends with the duo's throwback R&B vision. Ginelli says "Second House" gravitates around "'relations' with a wealthy suitor," and the minimal, sultry vocals echo the mysteriousness of the circumstances of the two characters involved. The tune is sinewy and cool, and I hope it heralds more things to come from God Vol. 1.

Ginelli says the seeds for the project were sown when she moved to Chicago from San Francisco two years ago. She got a taste of this city while on tour with synth warrior Fielded and met Callier on their stop in Chicago. "It honestly just felt like warm, welcoming vibes," Ginelli says of her first visit to Chicago. She'd been a fan of Gel Set before meeting Callier—Ginelli says she's particularly keen on the atmospheric "U-Lock in My Hand"—and kept in touch with her before leaving San Francisco.

It wasn't long after she settled down in Chicago that Ginelli says she and Callier decided to team up. "We both make an icy sort of electronic music with a shared sensibility," Ginelli says. "It just made a lot of sense and was really refreshing and genuinely fun to work together." Drawing upon a shared love of V103, pop-music production, and unusual jams and B sides, the pair developed a sound geared towards making dance tracks, with Callier's beats at the forefront. The pair is in the middle of finalizing a six-track debut album, which is due to drop this summer—until then take a listen to "Second House" below.

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