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Best of the SAIC 2015 fashion show


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Street View is a fashion series in which Isa Giallorenzo spotlights some of the coolest styles seen in Chicago.

Nana Parks collection for the SAIC 2015 fashion show
  • Bob Carl
  • Nana Park's collection for the SAIC 2015 fashion show

What I love about the School of the Art Institute of Chicago's annual fashion show is that no matter how wacky some of the designs can be, there's always an element of taste. Wacky is just so much better than tacky. In the cuckoo department honorable mention goes to Kaleigh Moynihan, whose collection involved colorful primitive creatures and multiarmed monsters; her dramatic and rhythmic presentation was one of the highlights of the show. In terms of more wearable garments, Nana Park and her contemporary Gibson Girls mixed past and present flawlessly, with models decked in head-to-toe white, breezy fabrics, turn-of-the-century silhouettes, and cloud-like jumbo-sized millinery. So dreamy! For the minimalists out there Aea Joo Cho came up with unfussy yet feminine designs in earthy tones and modern textiles, and for the not-so-minimal Fiona Li presented geometric creations with strategic pleats and folds. Last but not least, funky, sporty, streetwise style was beautifully represented in Savannah Snead's collection. Her second outfit—with safety belts as suspenders holding an alphabet circle skirt—would make any B-girl's heart beat faster. See these and other looks below.

Aea Joo Cho
  • Bob Carl
  • Aea Joo Cho

Fiona Li
  • Bob Carl
  • Fiona Li

Kaleigh Moynihan
  • Bob Carl
  • Kaleigh Moynihan

Savannah Snead
  • Bob Carl
  • Savannah Snead

Alicia Perrillo
  • Bob Carl
  • Alicia Perrillo

Christina Toulomis
  • Bob Carl
  • Christina Toulomis

Claire Wetterer
  • Bob Carl
  • Claire Wetterer

Emma Leppo
  • Bob Carl
  • Emma Leppo

Eunjae Oh
  • Bob Carl
  • Eunjae Oh

Franky Tran
  • Bob Carl
  • Franky Tran

Ingrid Yeo
  • Bob Carl
  • Ingrid Yeo

Jack Alexander
  • Bob Carl
  • Jack Alexander

Jamie Lange
  • Bob Carl
  • Jamie Lange

Jennifer Rice
  • Bob Carl
  • Jennifer Rice

Laila Fattal
  • Bob Carl
  • Laila Fattal

Noa Loewald Hu
  • Bob Carl
  • Noa Loewald Hu

Samantha Sipos
  • Bob Carl
  • Samantha Sipos

Sophie Yang
  • Bob Carl
  • Sophie Yang

Thais Mazelli
  • Bob Carl
  • Thais Mazelli

Ze Shi Xiang
  • Bob Carl
  • Ze Shi Xiang

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