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UIC prepares for 'highly contentious' Trump rally


Donald Trump, speaking Monday at a rally in Concord, North Carolina. - AP PHOTO/GERRY BROOME
  • AP Photo/Gerry Broome
  • Donald Trump, speaking Monday at a rally in Concord, North Carolina.

"If students are offended or triggered by statements made by Donald Trump or his campaign, we would recommend you to use any of our vast support networks," Mercedez Jones, president of the Undergraduate Student Government at University of Illinois at Chicago, said this morning in an e-mail to the school's students, faculty, and staff. "If you are put into a dangerous or life-threatening situation we have listed numbers you may call in order to best assist you." 

Jones added in her e-mail: "Our hope is that all students will demonstrate peacefully, display class, and remain safe during this highly contentious event."

The rally for Trump, who's seeking the GOP presidential nomination, is scheduled for 6 PM Friday at the UIC Pavilion. The school rented out the 9,500-seat arena, at 525 S. Racine, to the Trump campaign, but its chancellor, Michael D. Amiridis, stressed Saturday that it wasn't an endorsement of Trump—it's the school's standard practice to rent space to any candidate who asks for it. "We endorse the idea that the answer to speech that one does not like or finds offensive is more speech and not censorship," Amiridis wrote.   

UIC will certainly get "more speech" tomorrow in answer to Trump and his campaign. A UIC Stop Trump-Chicago Coalition will assemble in the school's quad, at 801 S. Morgan, at 4 PM, and march to the pavilion. The students' protest "will highlight how Trump’s dangerous rhetoric hurts them, their families, and their communities," a media advisory from the coalition says.