Everything is terrible, so here are some classic Chicago TV commercials


For no reason other than that everything sucks right now, why not indulge in some nostalgia?

Eagle Insurance

Moo & Oink The Empire Carpet man, the most comforting television presence of my childhood

Victory Auto Wreckers (and the story behind this classic ad)

Celozzi-Ettleson Chevrolet, where you always save more money
Harry Schmerler, the singing Ford salesman
Al Piemonte Ford: It's not a cheap used car, it's "basic transportation"
R.L. Dukes Oldsmobile
And, of course, the king of the car dealers, Bob Rohrman
Peter Francis Geraci, whose offices are a defrocked Taco Bell
Nelson Brothers loves me!
But Harlem Furniture has style

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