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Bathsheba Nemerovski’s style reflects the spirit of the times


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Street View is a fashion series in which Isa Giallorenzo spotlights some of the coolest styles seen in Chicago.


It only took a couple of designer Sonya Rikiel's striped knit outfits to unleash Bathsheba Nemerovski's passion for fashion. "I got them in the late 80s from my grandmother, hand-me-downs from a friend of hers. I looked crazy wearing them to school—no one dressed like that—but I was obsessed." The fixation continues today. "I pretty much spend all my money on clothing, travel, and eating out," Nemerovski says. "That's why I'll never [own] a house/" Nemerovski, is co-owner of Sparrow, a salon in Logan Square; hairstylist to local stars such as Jeff Tweedy; and keyboardist in the recently reactivated band I Kong Kult. She says her sartorial choices tend to reflect the spirit of the times. "When things are easy, as they were the last few years under Obama, I don't feel the need to make clothing such an outward expression of myself," Nemerovski says. "Hello, normcore! But I think the Trump era is going to be a return to punk, protest, expression, rebellion." Nemerovski's alredy off to an auspicious start with her silver Mary Janes by Toga Pulla, which she describes as "cheerful shoes for a gloomy era."

She was photographed during the screening of Rick Owens at Facets Cinematheque, promoted by Robin Richman. See more fashionable attendees below.









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