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I'll Call In Sick Too


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Dating co-workers. Some business admin classes actually address this as one of the worst things you can do but what do they know, right? It's pretty common no matter what corporate policy states. You are with these people day in and day out so over time you develop a relationship on some scale. Taking it to a dating level is a huge gamble although it may not seem that way at first. You know the person from an environment where structure is in place, people are fulfilling roles, and there is a common goal to be reached but how much do you actually know or want to know about the person outside of the work schedule? This could lead to a lot of role conflict. You both arrived at the same place and took different paths so there are things to talk about and there is common ground which can either stay stable and become more solid or you can kiss that ground goodbye and watch it all turn to dust. No matter how things work out, hopefully for the better, you are still going to have to see that person on Monday and personal feelings need to be checked at the door for your sake and for the sake of your co-workers, which is not always the easiest thing to do. There may be some talk about it at the water cooler and not only does the person you are seeing know about the details and personal things that happen off the clock, now co-workers may be aware. Do they really care? No, probably not. Everyone has a life but as humans we can't get enough gossip, especially on those slow Wednesdays and Thursdays. Easiest way to avoid that is just let people know. Being open eliminates a lot of theories and speculation and more importantly, and this policy applies to all relationships, you do not want to lie to anyone, co-workers included. It can really put trust (among a host of other things) to the test. Trust is key in any kind of relationship. It is also something that takes time to establish and in a world of zero ping internet connections and fast food, people can unknowingly apply that sense of instant gratification to a relationship. See what I mean by a gamble? You are allowing worlds to collide. When the personal feelings cross over into the work world, you may be a wreck. Both parties need to be very understanding (play it as cool as possible) and adult (yay! maturity and responsibility) about everything because whether you care or not, co-workers are there. From time to time relationships bring out the child in all of us which causes the inevitable freak out. You throw yourself out there, lay all cards on the table, and wait for a response. We have all done it at one point or another and the reasons could be anything from that last desperate attempt to have the person stay with you (childish) to the simple fact that you know and trust that person so they give you or you give something that carries the message that although this is not working out, we should still be something (more mature). It is something brought out by rejection and people tend to not take things like that too lightly. Then after all the kicking and screaming, you will meet again on Monday morning. Friends have told me their experiences with dating co-workers and there are tales of janitor closet make-outs, lunch room bickering, and in my own personal experience, a discovery that a co-worker may have an Oedipus Complex. That discovery was made when I worked in a very small office while I was in college. A co-worker was dating a boss, she (the boss) was older and he (the employee) was younger. Everyone knew about them and yes, speculation and conversation about those two by the vending machine was pretty common. Then one day he called her 'mom' casually and completely on accident. I still get chills thinking about those two starring at each other after his slip and I am thinking that particular story may be better suited for Savage Love. I also have some stories about co-workers who are now happily married and still work together. It's anyone's game. I have had relationships with co-workers but those stories seem a bit dull (even being as open as I am about things) compared to this one...

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Looks Like You Spilled Some of that Company Ink

One day at work a recently employed co-worker was letting people in the office know he had a gig at a bar. Not thinking I would be the only of my co-workers to show up and support his band, I went to the bar alone. Not only was i the only one there but i was alone in a crowded bar on derby girl night. I wanted to leave but he had only been recently employed at our office and was having a hard time making friends, so I felt guilty about leaving...

All night long, I was harassed by countless hungry eyed guys asking if i was a derby girl only to pass me up as soon as they found out i wasn't, or worse, then asking if I wasn't a derby girl, did i know when they were coming. I was relieved when finally my co-worker spotted me, who then mistook my good intentions for physical attraction and asked me out. He was so shy, i just didn't know how to say no.What a disaster! When he came to pick me up for our first pity date, he was late and i was waiting on my front steps. When I saw his van pull up i stood up just as the wooden stair gave away from under me and i fell five steps, my face hitting the pavement straight on. He froze, not knowing what to do as i scraped myself off the sidewalk. I ended up having to go to the bar with a big band aid under my chin. Three excruciating dates later, for reasons that are still a mystery to me, he sat me down to tell me he was a twenty eight year old virgin, asked me if i was coming home with him, because he didn't really see this going anywhere. I barely could come up with a reaction when he left me stranded on a corner in the middle of the night with no ride home. Good things cab can take credit cards.