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Francois Cluzet stars as Toni Musulin, a real-life armored car driver who in 2009 made off with 11.6 million euros and managed to evade capture for several months. In its slick, professional style and carefully timed plot twists, this French crime thriller often recalls another Cluzet vehicle, Tell No One. Like that film, it’s engrossing if relatively impersonal genre storytelling, often a little too polished for its own good. This never takes us inside the head of its shifty antihero, but it doesn’t render him especially enigmatic either. What you see is what you get, though at least there’s plenty to see; director Philippe Godeau is consistently inventive in his wide-screen compositions, and cinematographer Michel Amathieu achieves some rich, ominous effects during the night scenes. In French with subtitles.


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