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12 Hours

Several stories intertwine over a period that stretches from dusk to dawn in this 2000 Puerto Rican feature, and director Raul Marchand Sanchez, to his credit, doesn't try to make them dovetail at the conclusion. Among the characters out for a night on the town are a trio of female coworkers, each with a hard-luck story to tell but determined to have a roaring good time, and the daughter of one of them, a teenage girl who decides this is the night she should lose her virginity. As in many films with multiple story lines, the structure often seems forced, with some characters functioning as plot devices, and Sanchez subverts his best intentions with editorializing and maudlin dialogue. All things considered, this is a mess, but there's something appealing in its gritty look at San Juan nightlife. 89 min.

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