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When: Saturdays. Continues through March 21 2015

The second show in Pinque Pony’s Decades Project (the first was set in 1969), this sketch comedy focuses on events from its namesake year—and if you judge by the contents of the show, there wasn't a lot going on. Among other things, the sketches touch on key parties, the end of disco, and the dawn of regular seat-belt wearing. There are also weightier topics, like the absence of African-American Oscar nominees and the first women in NASA—whose male colleagues are convinced that they bleed uncontrollably and explosively at all times. But not only does the show fail to deal with the issues in any meaningful way, it also fails to make them funny; it turns out that junkie Vietnam vets and the advent of AIDS are hard to play for laughs (also, the first reported case of AIDS wasn’t until 1981). The best sketch of the mediocre bunch features Pauline Kael reviewing the worst films for women of the year, declaring in many variations, "I poop on this film"—no wonder an hour has never felt so long. —Julia Thiel

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