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2 or 3 Things I Know About Him

Malte Ludin tears the scab off a family wound with this 2005 German documentary about his father, Hanns, who was executed in 1947 as a Nazi war criminal. An early and enthusiastic storm trooper, Hanns Ludin served as Hitler's ambassador to Slovakia and personally signed the orders deporting its Jewish population. Yet his widow, Erla, and oldest surviving daughter, Barbel, cling to the unlikely theory that he didn't know about the Holocaust. Malte positions himself as the family truth seeker, confronting Barbel with the painful reality of their father's crimes, but even he begins to squirm when he comes face-to-face with writer Tuvia Rubner, whose parents died in camps as a result of Hanns's actions. As gripping as these scenes are, the movie becomes even more engrossing when Malte moves on to the next generation, discovering how his nieces and nephews have learned to navigate the family's dark past. In German and Slovak with subtitles. 85 min.


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