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2020's Blurry Vision


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Kudos to Harold Henderson for illustrating the many follies and shortcomings of Chicago Metropolis 2020 [January 25]. Metropolis 2020, and the entire "Smart Growth" movement for that matter, don't stand up to even the slightest intellectual scrutiny. I am a degreed urban planner and a career land developer. As I've seen this movement practically applied, it has succeeded in doing nothing more than drive up the cost of housing in the Chicago area, not to mention creating the urban sprawl which it sought to prevent. Chicago Metropolis 2020 is intellectually, economically, socially, and politically bankrupt as far as public policy goes, not to mention that it is written with a sickeningly condescending, paternalistic tone. Additionally, the Smart Growth movement is nothing more than "I'm here, shut the door" philosophy. Both theories can be summed up thusly: urban sprawl is defined as the house built after yours, and it's always the next guy in that causes the problems. I've asked to publicly debate any of these organizations, Metropolis 2020, Sierra Club, Metropolitan Plan Commission, and I've yet to have any takers. Is it time now?

Jake Daab

W. 17th St.

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