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24 City

As evidenced by everything from Trouble the Water to WALL-E to Wendy and Lucy, the disastrous effects of unchecked capitalism may be the most urgent contemporary theme in movies. The brilliantly innovative Chinese filmmaker Jia Zhang-ke (Platform, The World, Still Life) has been able to create works of historical relevance partly because he considers this theme from the vantage point of a socialism that, far from being theoretical, is part of a complex lived experience. This beautiful and challenging documentary looks at a military factory in Chengdu that's shutting down to make way for a luxury apartment complex, and in interviewing five former workers and three fictional characters (played by Joan Chen, Lu Liping, and frequent collaborator Zhao Tao), Jia manages to convey how three generations are affected by this change. In Mandarin with subtitles.



  • Jia Zhang Ke


  • Jianbin Chen
  • Joan Chen
  • Lv Liping
  • Zhao Tao
  • Jiang Lin
  • Guo Wei
  • Pan Yang
  • Yang Lu
  • Yu Feng
  • Backy, Zhao Yanfang


  • Jia Zhang Ke
  • Zhai Yongming


  • Masayuki Mori
  • Yoshida Takio
  • Sadai Yuji
  • Kubo Satoshi
  • Xu Pengle
  • Zhu Jiong
  • Ma Ning

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