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Hours: Dinner: Wednesday-Saturday

Price: $$$$$

Ticketed BYO prix fixe dining from chef Jake Bickelhaupt, formerly of the underground dining club Sous Rising.

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The latest high-end restaurant to beckon diners to a low-end destination is a small, nimble shop born out of the unlicensed Sous Rising "guestaurant," which conducted its affairs in the apartment just above the erstwhile fried chicken joint that 42 Grams now inhabits. The chef is Jake Bickelhaupt, who put in time at Charlie Trotter's, Schwa, and Alinea before going underground. Bickelhaupt has expanded into a full commercial kitchen and a dining room with 18 seats (ten at a communal table, eight on bar stools verging on the open kitchen), intimate enough to preserve a casual dinner-party vibe. Bickelhaupt's wife, Alexa Welsh, serves as hostess and narrator of the 13-course meal, identifying each element of each dish and occasionally offering instructions for how to eat them. Pacing is brisk yet doesn't feel rushed, and service in such close quarters doesn't miss a beat but isn't overreverent either. At just north of $200, inclusive of tax and tip, 42 Grams is priced commensurately with its highly personal, multicourse, BYO competitors. It's a lot of money, but it's money well spent to experience a worthy talent outside of the usual arenas. Read the full review >>

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