Josh Abrams, A Tundra, Birthmark, Jeremy Boyle, Litesalive, Matt Clark, Owen, Pillars & Tongues, Zoo Wheel, Tim Kinsella, Vacations, Slick Conditions Critic's Choice Recommended Soundboard

When: Fri., Jan. 22, 10 p.m. 2010

Tim Kinsella is well into his second decade as master and commander of Joan of Arc, which was born a band but grew into an art-rock enigma—one that goes from celebrated to reviled seemingly from one release to the next. While many of Kinsella's old friends and peers from his Cap'n Jazz days in the early 90s went the way of the emo cash grab, he released a torrent of uneven but brilliant albums brimming with fuck-you conceptual-art gestures that seemed meant to be misunderstood. All the while Joan of Arc's membership has been in constant rotation, creating quite a sizable community of alumni, and Don't Mind Control (Polyvinyl), the latest release under the JOA banner, compiles tracks from the current projects of almost everyone who's ever done time in the band—among them Disappears, Owen, the Cairo Gang, Euphone, and a lot of folks you'd recognize from the Rainbo calendar. Tonight's 14-act bill likewise includes Disappears and Owen, plus a whole bunch more of those alumni: Kinsella, of course, as well as Josh Abrams, A Tundra, Birthmark, Jeremy Boyle, Litesalive, Pillars & Tongues, the Zoo Wheel, Vacations, Slick Conditions, and Matt Clark of White/Light (who's also my fiance). Each will play at most 15 minutes; some will re-create their contributions to Don't Mind Control, some will do cover songs, and some will roll out one-off collaborations with other artists on the roster. They'll be grouped into sets of three, separated by short breaks during which Danny's regular Naomi Walker will DJ. The identity of the "surprise special guests" referred to on the Bottle's schedule is being kept tightly under wraps, but my guess is that this show will be the public consummation of the rumored Cap'n Jazz reunion. —Jessica Hopper

Price: $10

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