Chicago Reader | Issue Archives | Feb 11, 2016

Feb 11-17, 2016

Issue Archive for Feb 11-17, 2016 Vol. 45, No. 18

Valentine's Day has a funny, tragic way of complicating love and our attitude toward it. Hence the theme of this issue and its stories of thorny romance, heartbreak, and V-Day hate.

My annual Valentine’s Day depression
A different kind of heartache arrives every February 14—and it’s my stupid dead dad’s fault.

The romantic misadventures of a professional online girlfriend
How a woman's virtual relationships scrambled her real-life love.

Dating during chemotherapy isn't easy
Hair loss, libido-killing meds, the unsexy specter of death, and Tinder

That moment the relationship got complicated
Shotgunning weed smoke into my girlfriend's mother's mouth and more brief stories of dating difficulties.

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