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All Night Long

1961 British jazz re-setting of Othello

  1. All Night Long

    Basil Dearden's neglected 1961 British film tells the story of Othello in jazz terms. Richard Attenborough plays a wealthy jazz buff who…

  2. And Everything Is Going Fine

    Aside from Richard Pryor, no American monologuist has translated to the screen better than Spalding Gray (Swimming to Cambodia, Monster in a…

    Jane Whedbee says:

    documentary montage of Spaulding Gray

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  3. Antonio Gaudi

    This 1984 documentary about the architect essentially lets Gaudi's work speak for itself, and it couldn't be more eloquent. The cinematography by…

    Jane Whedbee says:

    1984 documentary

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  4. The Artist

    French director Michel Hazanavicius takes a break from his OSS 117 spy spoofs to pay loving tribute to the silent cinema, re-creating…

  5. The Awful Truth

    Leo McCarey's largely improvised 1937 film is one of the funniest of the screwball comedies, and also one of the most serious…

    Jane Whedbee says:

    1937 classic screwball comedy with a heart

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