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  1. Best Middle Eastern Restaurant

    Zaytune Mediterranean Grill

    mg says:

    Until Kendall grad Daniel Sarkiss opened this counter-service joint, Bridgeport was probably the last place you’d dream of finding authentic Middle Eastern food. While you’ll see no Iraqi sheep’s head, trotters, or stomach stew specials, and Sarkiss griddles his shawarma instead of spinning it on a trompo, the attention to detail and complexity of nearly everything he does—from the house-made pita to the light, fluffy, freshly fried falafel, from to the herbed fries with kalamata aioli to the big, meaty salads and grilled meat platters—rivals and even exceeds older and more venerable spots in ethnic enclaves like Albany Park and Bridgeview. —Mike Sula

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  2. Wicker Park/Bucktown 2246 W. Armitage Ave. phone 773-278-3932
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  3. University Village/Little Italy 1230 W. Taylor St. phone 312-733-4800
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