Chicago Reader | Rising Artist Beaster Da Man by bangasquadmuzik

Rising Artist Beaster Da Man

This Upcoming Artist "Beaster Da Man" has Struggled his way to the Top, surrounded by some of the Top talented Artists in the City of Chicago, such as Tay Rico, Katie GotBandz, Yale Lucciani and more. Beaster recently drop an Mixtape titled: Ridin Round Wit Curt" with the meaning of thanking his Uncle "Curtis Harris" for everything he has done for him. Beaster has also said he is looking forward to doing Collabs with More Artist/Singers. From the look of his Grind, I think he will Make an "Powerful Outcome". He is not just an Solo Artist, He,s put together an Music Group titled "Banga Squad Ent" (BSE). The meaning of the group is, they have good music to listen/shake your head to for Genres such as hip hop to r&b.     P.S.  "Chicago Reader" dig into this Artist, and support his movement. Follow him on Twitter @BangaSquadBSA

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