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And Everything is Going Fine

Netflix July 2012 old movie

  1. And Everything Is Going Fine

    Aside from Richard Pryor, no American monologuist has translated to the screen better than Spalding Gray (Swimming to Cambodia, Monster in a…

  2. Steamboat Bill, Jr.

    Buster Keaton's beautiful 1928 comedy equates parental rejection with the most violently destructive forces of nature; behind the elegant slapstick is an…

    bibliophile4214 says:

    Buster Keaton

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  3. Sex Is Comedy

    This 2002 provocation from director-writer Catherine Breillat is so perversely enjoyable it gives the lie to her image as a serious, politically…

    bibliophile4214 says:

    very French comedy

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  4. One, Two, Three

    James Cagney is the whole dynamic show in this hilarious Billy Wilder satire (1961) on Coca-Cola diplomacy in divided Berlin. The plot…

  5. Meek's Cutoff

    Imagine a collaboration between John Ford and Wallace Stevens and you might get a sense of what Kelly Reichardt (Wendy and Lucy)…

  6. The Last Laugh

    The 1924 film in which F.W. Murnau freed his camera from its stationary tripod and took it on a flight of imagination…

  7. The Lady Vanishes

    Alfred Hitchcock's masterful 1938 spy thriller, with Margaret Lockwood and Michael Redgrave searching for kidnapped agent Dame May Whitty aboard a trans-European…

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  8. King Corn

    Morgan Spurlock's Super Size Me has inspired a wave of stunt documentaries in which filmmakers try to will a story line on…

  9. The Lady Eve

    Preston Sturges extended his range beyond the crazy farces that had made his reputation with this romantic 1941 comedy, and his hand…

    bibliophile4214 says:

    Preston Sturges

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  10. Helvetica

    This fascinating British documentary by Gary Hustwit uses the 50th anniversary of the Swiss typeface Helvetica to consider a half century of…

  11. A Hard Day's Night

    In the Beatles' 1964 screen debut the four lovable adenoidal lads day-trip through a press party, a televised concert, and a helicopter…

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  12. Happy Together

    A star vehicle, not only because its leads were two of the hottest stars in Hong Kong cinema (Tony Leung and the…

    bibliophile4214 says:

    Wong Kar-Wai

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  13. Woman Is the Future of Man

    To quote the Argentinean film critic Quintin, the subject of South Korean filmmaker Hong Sang-soo (The Day a Pig Fell Into the…

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