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Reader Classifieds information 

General Information About Classified Ads

The Reader is published once a week on Thursdays, and is typically distributed on Wednesdays at over 1,100 locations, primarily in city and near-suburban neighborhoods. Average weekly circulation is 50,000 and estimated total readership is over 180,000. The Reader web site ( receives approximately 576,000 monthly users and 1,082,798 page views.

The Deadline is Friday, 4pm to submit an ad, cancel an ad, or change an ad for that next week’s issue.

Commercial Classified Ads

Commercial classified ads are for for-profit businesses such as landlords, real estate agents, brokers, and other commercial enterprises. Commercial ads other than Jobs/ Help Wanted ads and Adult Services ads appear both in print and on the Reader Web site.



$35 for 25 words plus $1 per word thereafter.

Adult Services ads

$50 for 25 words plus $3 per word thereafter. Adult services are print only; they do not appear online.

Private party ads, non-commercial

$20 per ad up to 30 words. $1 per word after.

How to Place an Ad

Commercial ads may be placed through email temporarily at, while we move our offices. We do not accept ads in person at the Reader office.

All commercial classified ads are prepaid. We do not offer billing services. We accept checks, money orders, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

Legal Notices

Assumed Business Name Legal Notices cost $100 and run in three consecutive issues. The ad must be published for the first time within 15 days of the date stamped by the County Commissioner's Office on the legal form. We must have a copy of the original document in order to publish the notice. Assumed Business Name Legal Notices cost $100 for the 3-week run. We mail a notarized affidavit stating that we have published the ad, along with a copy of the ad from the paper, to the County Clerk’s office. We also mail a copy of that affidavit to the customer.

Change of Name Legal Notices cost $85 for the three week run. An affidavit and copy of the ad is mailed to the customer.

Contact our offices for any other type of legal notices, which are priced by the word and frequency.

Legal notices may be mailed or emailed. The specific legal notice email address is