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A Blade, a Coat, and a Loaf of Bread


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I admire Beau O'Reilly. Over the decades, nobody's stuck with the ideal of rough-hewn storefront idiosyncrasy more resolutely than he. His approach, though, pretty much guarantees crazy variation--even within a single production. This one by the Curious Theatre Branch, for instance. Directed by O'Reilly from a motley script written "both individually and collaboratively" by Scott T. Barsotti, Matthew Rieger, Buddy Rivara, and Adam Rosenberg, the play has its moments: specifically, those where Barsotti plays a logorrheic tourist feeding ducks with what can only be called a vengeance. All the rest is earnest, pretentious, hypermetaphoric, nonsensical, overlong guff involving Simple Farm Folk caught up in a war waged by a Repressive Regime that has a screwdriver for an emblem. --Tony Adler a Through 3/17: Fri-Sat 7 PM, Center Portion Artist Project Space, 2850-1/2 W. Fullerton, 773-267-6660, $15 or "pay what you can."

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