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A Critic's Responsibility


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To the editors:

Tom Boeker: Please stop writing as though theatre is something that's being imposed on you. Impatience is not an aesthetic. You seem afraid we'll find out you're not quite such a know-it-all, so you cover up with quick judgments and smart remarks. As a result your recent reviews of A Flea in Her Ear [May 6], Circuits Clandestins [May 27], and The Knee Plays [May 27] were all snappy and readable, but inaccurate and ignorant. Theatre may need a Lester Bangs, but remember he wrote from the inside, out of love; you write like Richard Eder on speed. Face the fact that your job carries a certain responsibility to theatre in Chicago. Your ego is of secondary importance to most of us.

E. Loomis

E. 50th Place

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