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A Film With Me in It

An underemployed, middle-aged actor (Mark Doherty) is already facing eviction and the loss of his wage-earning girlfriend (Amy Huberman) when his luck turns much worse: a rapid series of domestic accidents kills his girlfriend’s dog, his landlord (Keith Allen), and his quadriplegic brother (David O’Doherty). Following the drunken advice of his wastrel best friend (Dylan Moran), he opts not to come clean with the police, and their bungling attempt at a cover-up yields still more stiffs. Director Ian FitzGibbon demonstrates admirable indie resourcefulness, but this 2008 Irish drama isn’t as raw and misanthropic as he and screenwriter Doherty seem to think, and the ending is an unimaginative punt. 89 min.



  • Ian Fitzgibbon


  • Keith Allen
  • David Doherty
  • Mark Doherty
  • Amy Huberman
  • Neil Jordan
  • Dylan Moran


  • Mark Doherty


  • Mary Callery
  • Alan Moloney
  • Susan Mullen

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