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A Sense of Where You Are


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To the editors:

Are your proof-readers on vacation? Consider the following:

(1) In an otherwise excellent article on the old BLUE NOTE [August 18], Dan Caine ends it by saying that the site at 3 N. Clark "has been occupied by a parking lot the past quarter century." Why won't they let me park my car in one of those fine stores that occupy the site?

(2) The next week, Ben Joravsky, in a page three story says that Bucktown is "just west of the Dan Ryan Expressway near the intersection of Damen and Armitage." Bet that's news to the map makers.

I think you'd better supply your writers with a good map of the city.

R. Michael Stack

Dan Caine replies:

Thanks for pointing out my mistake.

Ben Joravsky replies:

You're right--at that point the expressway is the Kennedy.

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