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A Tree Falls in Vain


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To the editors:

I think you should start over at the Reader and make some drastic changes. Most of the people I've talked to around the University of Chicago agree that no one reads those long, same articles every week. Every week it feels like you're looking at the same issue you did the week before.

As it stands, I can't see how you can use all of those trees to produce what you come up with. I would be surprised if you didn't get some serious competition within a few years. All of that money you're making (and spending for those luxurious offices) should be going into obtaining the best writers for excellent articles.

Since you have a virtual monopoly on the "alternative" press in Chicago, maybe you should make an effort to be a little more progressive in your own camp, and try something new. It must have been a real traumatic experience when the switch was made in the layout of the free classified section.

If you can't keep up with the times, then a new publication might step in to fill the niche that you once set out to fill.

Peter Jensen


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