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A Woman in Berlin

127 minutes 2009

Nina Hoss stars as German journalist Marta Hillars, whose anonymous memoir, published in the 1950s, revealed how she survived the Russian occupation of Berlin. The Soviet army avenged Nazi atrocities by shooting random civilians and raping women of all ages; many of these rape victims committed suicide, but others like Hillars chose life by attaching themselves to Russian officers for protection. Director Max Farberbock (Aimee & Jaguar) mainly avoids graphic depictions of sexual assault, but that only increases the tension in this austere, claustrophobic drama. No one is guiltless—not the Russian commander (Yevgeny Sidikhin) who takes the heroine as his lover, nor her bourgeois landlady (Fassbinder alumnus Irm Hermann), who welcomes the occupiers for their black market goods, nor even Hillars herself, who freely admits her admiration for Hitler. In German and Russian with subtitles.

Film Credits

Official Site: www.anonyma.film.de

Director: Max Färberböck

Writer: Anonyma and Max Färberböck

Cast: Nina Hoss, Yevgeni Sidikhin, Irm Hermann and Rüdiger Vogler


A Woman in Berlin

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