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Sublimely stupid, this collegiate farce plays like a cross between Animal House and Ferris Bueller's Day Off, though the undercurrent of adolescent rage kept reminding me of Wild in the Streets, the 60s trash classic about teenagers taking over the U.S. government. Justin Long (best known for his Apple Computer commercials) plays a high school hustler who, embarrassed by his failure to get into college, bands together with some other rejects to create a fake school, South Harmon Institute of Technology (note the acronym). Soon the sham college—a rehabbed mental hospital—is overrun by academic losers, with a bilious drunk installed as dean (Lewis Black, who delivers a few signature tirades). A trio of writers contributed to the screenplay, but I'm guessing the sardonic dialogue came largely from first-time director Steve Pink, who cowrote High Fidelity and Gross Pointe Blank. PG-13, 92 min.

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